Dear Me,


Life is overwhelming, relationships are messy, and you will lose hope.

But God is good and He is for you. Rest in that, as you learn, as you grow, and as you become who you are designed to be.

God is good and He is for you.

You will struggle to understand this, it will be a constant battle for you as you grow up. To know that the difficult and painful things that you have gone through were for a purpose, to envision hope out of your mess, to grasp that you will make mistakes… many of them, but that amidst the pain and struggle… God is good, and He has a design for your life beyond your own nearsighted vision.

God is good and He is for you.

Relationships will take their toll on you, persevere. You will not be deterred by this. Resolve to have the strength to pursue people, even when it’s hard, and you feel unloved, or abused, or taken advantage of. Tiffany, you will always see the beauty in friendship and you will find joy in this. However, don’t stay there… do not always run from the Lord and to others. He will find you, when others have left, and He will still desire you. Do not waste the merciful time the Lord has given on empty relationships, this will drain you and you will be left hurting. Seek solace above, and know that He is always with you, regardless of the despair you feel in your human relationships.

God is good and He is for you.

There will be times of fear, times of despair, and times of uncertainty. You will lose hope. You will question everything, second guessing every step you take, and when you cannot wrap your earthly mind around a heavenly plan- you will lose faith. Do not let this define your perspective. Return to a place of trust, where you relearn what it means to know that the Father has not abandoned you. He is asking you to come into the desert with Him. Knowing that your time of despair will lead to further blessings of understanding, wisdom, and love.

Because He is good and He is for you.




He is good.

And He is for you.

5 thoughts on “Dear Me,

  1. I think this is really beautiful! I wouldn’t call myself really a religious person, but this really moved me and made me think about life in a completely new way. Thank you for giving me a new, brighter perspective :)

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