Even if My Ribs Can’t Bear It

“I am made in the image of God and I am emotional. I don’t want to keep my feelings bound up in the bars of my ribcage. My heart bleeds and cries with the broken things of the world and I am not ashamed.”

I read this post today… she killed it.

In some ways- probably exactly what I needed.

In other ways- not so much.

We’ll skip over that whole end part. It’s for another day. When I have energy.

But overall, it did remind me of a few things that I’ve been overlooking recently.

1. “I’m intelligent, but not always logical.” Please don’t judge me for that. Sometimes I don’t even know what I think or know. And even I’m not always ok with that.

2. “I’m stronger than I feel.” Wow… what a year I’ve had. I didn’t feel very strong, and 25… it was, quite honestly- a shitty year.

However, I’ve changed, grown, and learned.Painfully, so painfully… yet with a strength I sometimes forget I possess. The Lord has been ever faithful and tender in His love for me, a love I don’t deserve and rarely acknowledge.

“Yet He gives more grace…”

3. “I am made in the image of God and I am emotional.”

I rage here and there. Sometimes I’m super moody. And I can be way too sensitive for my own good.

And all of those result in tears usually.

I cry.

A lot.

It doesn’t always have to mean I’m sad or upset, there are times of happy tears. It isn’t always a result of crisis, but sometimes it is. Sometimes I just cry because I don’t know what else to do or how else to express… that’s fine.

That was a revelation.

4. “And even on the hardest days, I hold a fierce love that could set a forest on fire with the smallest kindling.”

It’s true. Sometimes though, those hard days come around and I say to them… “Please, I do not have time for you, hard day. I have much more to be concerned about and I really can’t put forth the energy to continue on gracefully.”

Then my Mom reminds me-

“It’s worth it.

Press on.





Seek joy.

You’re beautiful.”

And then I remember number 2.

I’m strong, and I can continue to love… fiercely.

Even if my ribs can’t bear it.

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