Dear Friend,

Growth hurts.

Change is hard.

Learning is exhausting.

You’ll make mistakes. You’ll second guess things. You’ll even stray from the person you want to be.

That’s fine. You’ll learn from this.

I’m sorry that sometimes life doesn’t look like how you dreamed it would… that, your ideals aren’t always played out to a symphonic soundtrack that makes all moments magical. I wish that were the case. I want the best for you; I want to see all your dreams and visions filled to a greater capacity than you ever wished.  But I know that isn’t always the case.

Hang in there.

You are not doing this alone. This life thing… as lonely and unimportant as you may feel sometimes, you aren’t.

I know that smile is only one frustrated, sad, or lonely thought away from fracturing.

Sometimes all you need to know is that you matter and your journey matters.

The way you live your life boldly, and with the confidence of knowing who you are makes you stand a little taller than the rest. And when you lose sight of that, remember how you’ve seen it proven in the past. Don’t let go of the past, it’s made you exactly who you are.

But don’t let the past get in the way of your future.

I know you think you have to use those qualities defensively… you don’t. You can allow your boldness and confidence to be a beautiful piece of your story, rather than a shield that blocks your vision and other’s perception of you.

The Lord is mad about you. You’re value is irrevocable, and there is a reason you’ve been created just the way you are. No matter the condition of your heart at the end of the day, this is the truth you can put it to rest with.

Your heart is still the same heart that beat with all the love in the world when life was simpler. It might be just a little lost from time to time, darling.

So pick up the pieces.

Take a deep breath.

You’ll do smashing tomorrow.

Chin up, gorgeous.

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