Safe… & Semi Sound

Things to remember when you go to Guatemala:

1. Find a way to wake up to your alarm. So your ride doesn’t call you 4 minutes after you are supposed to be out the door and you have to make a dramatic appearance 7 minutes later.

2. Expect to ride next to South American men on both of your flights and subsequently have very interesting interactions with them- even though your attempt to make it obvious you want to sleep seemingly goes right over their heads.

3. Plan to spend an hour trying figure out how to connect to the internet. Because, a) you don’t speak Spanish, and b) you don’t understand Spanish.

Note to self: learn Spanish

We landed in Guatemala this afternoon after about 10 hours of travel…. it’s beautiful. I’m still not even sure I realize I’m actually in a different country, hopefully it will sink in sooner rather than later.

I’m so excited to be heading to Hope of Life tomorrow. After working at World Help for two years and hearing story after story of these trips to Guatemala, I feel so privileged to see it for myself, to be a part of the story in a new way, and to truly experience the effects that my day-to-day job has on others. No doubt it will be a humbling and moving experience.

Can’t wait to see these faces, the ones I’ve seen time, and time again as I’ve shared their very stories of rescue…

Disclaimer: I will most likely fall apart in my posts over the next few days, prepare yourselves.

I leave you with this…. my welcoming band at the Guatemalan airport. That’s Jose, Jesus, Pedro, Guadalupe, Lupe, Carlos, Pedro (yes, there were two), and Steve.

Welcome to Guatemala!

They had been playing since dawn, just waiting for my arrival.

Guatemalans are so friendly.

4 thoughts on “Safe… & Semi Sound

  1. So glad you arrived safe and sound. I can’t wait to hear the stories you will share. What an amazing opportunity that God has given you! Oh, and it’s really ok to fall apart, that’s God at work not only in you but also in us, your audience. Yeah, God!

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