Too Human.

Ana… I just can’t get enough.

Her mother, who has experienced the biggest, most altering stage in a woman’s life… is only 13.

A slow churn starts in my chest.

Aracely’s story is much too common in Guatemala, in Central America, in the world…

She was turned into nothing more than a receptacle of a man’s rage and cruelty. A man she should have been able to trust.

The knot in my stomach grows.

Oh, this is hard for me… to hear stories like hers. My mind and my heart battle between the bad, the worse, and the worst of it.

I want to say, “She’s too young to experience these things! Life shouldn’t be this cruel at 13, and Aracely shouldn’t have to dissect, process, and heal from all that’s happened to her at so young an age!”

But I hold back, because really… age doesn’t matter.

She’s too human.

And it’s less about age, and more about why these things would happen to anyone.

I struggle because I don’t understand, truly. Why is there so much hurt, injustice, and cruelty in this world? And why do we bring suffering and pain on others?

I’m not even going to pretend I have an answer to that.

But at the end of a hard day, with hopelessness as my companion, I have to decide, that we take it a step at a time.

My head starts to swim.

It would be ideal to just rid the earth of cruelty, and the pain that we cause each other… but with the impossibility of that, we have to decide not to just stand still.

We rescue.

We heal.

We treat.

We love.

We teach.

We restore.

And hopefully, somewhere along the way… we’re raising up a new generation that doesn’t express itself with cruelty.

My heart beats a little bit faster.



This week, we blog, live from Guatemala.

We’re covering stories like Kevin’s, and we’re talking about how you can get involved.

Please don’t just stop with reading the storiesdo something with them.

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