The Gap

I love me some TOM’s.

Apparently Guatemalan children love them some TOM’s too.

Doing a shoe distribution is incredible for numerous reasons, let me count the ways:

1. Health Improvement: The exciting thing about working with Operation Baby Rescue is that we are able to literally save lives. But with things like TOM’s distributions, and clean water projects, we are taking the opportunity to prevent these health issues. Getting shoes on these village kids allows them to walk their streets without getting infections, without tearing their feet up, it provides another opportunity at a healthy, happy life.

2. Dignity: My favorite. The dignity to attend school. The dignity to go into a store. The dignity to be fully “dressed”. I love this.

3. Education: If a child doesn’t have shoes, he can’t go to school. If he can’t go to school, his future opportunities are severely limited. If his future opportunities are severely limited, the cycle of poverty and disease continue. If the cycle of poverty and disease continues, children continue to suffer and die.


The way shoes can change a child life.

The way shoes can help fill the gap…

That awkward gap that is constantly questioned…

“The babies are rescued, what now?”

I hear this question so often, and for good reason. Operation Baby Rescue is literally a life-saving project. But, it’s not holistic.We never want to send these children back to the same situation they’ve come from. Rescues stand alongside so many other initiatives that bridge the gap, that help prevent the malnutrition and disease- things like TOM’s shoes, clean water wells through causelife, feeding centers, school buildings for education, and so on.

This is where the change happens.

There’s hope in the rescue, but there’s change in the rest of it.

Lives must be rescued in order to thrive.

Hopefully, one day, I will no longer have a job with Operation Baby Rescue, and I can lay the blame on programs like TOM’s.


This week, we blog, live from Guatemala.

We’re covering stories like Kevin’s, and we’re talking about how you can get involved.

Please don’t just stop with reading the storiesdo something with them.

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