Did You Miss It?

I’m so excited to share this with you.

Operation Baby Rescue: Live Chat

Disclaimer: You’ll need to crank the speakers. Sometimes people talk quietly, sometimes people have Guatemalan accents… these things can’t be helped, people.

Disclaimer #2: I say things like, “I don’t know how to say her name.” and “Does someone want to take this baby?”. Don’t judge me… I never claimed to be great in front of audiences.

We set up a live chat for this evening, to share a little more about Operation Baby Rescue, to introduce you to some of the children, to answer your questions, and to share some fresh perspectives.

I’d like to think it went very well for us never having done a live cast before, and for being in the remote lands of Guatemala with very little internet signal. I’d like to pat Noel and a few others on the back for pulling this off.

This is the filmed version of our live chat, feel free to ask any questions this may spur in your mind as a result. I’d love to answer anything I can.

Just another way to get acquainted with Operation Baby Rescue, World Help and the incredible things that are happening in Guatemala.


This week, we blog, live from Guatemala.

We’re covering stories like Kevin’s, and we’re talking about how you can get involved.

Please don’t just stop with reading the storiesdo something with them.

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