The Clouds are too High


My flaw is that things are never nearly as bad as I think, or as wonderful as I expect.

Expectation and reality bounce me back and forth between each other like a rubber ball.

As if balance weren’t already a difficult discipline to maintain.

I struggle with the balance. Seeing the silver lining, or checking the level of the metaphorical half-full cup, while conversely keeping my feet on the ground, not getting ahead of myself, and so forth. The expectation and reality roll on…

I really don’t know how to check for silver linings while also keeping my feet on the ground… the clouds are too high.

It’s a little wearisome- to fight disappointment while maintaining healthy perspectives.

The realization?

Most of that is grounded in fear, in pride, in human perspective… my limited view.

The reminder?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart darling,

don’t rely on your meek attempt at understanding what you cannot fully comprehend.

With every step, look to him, to reaffirm your footing…

He will not let you waver.

Do not view these steps as a result of your own cleverness,

instead, honor and fear Him, run from the evil that attempts to trap you.

It will be healing to your heart, and it will refresh your mind.”

Proverbs 3:5-8

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