Come Calling

I have this image of my grandmother.

Not one that I’ve ever witnessed in real life; rather it is one made up of fragments of memory, or stock images I’ve piled in my mind, and a glimpse of her as I’ve never physically seen her.

She’s walking up a winding pathway, just walking, walking, and walking… up, down, curve, bend… just walking. It’s one of those soft pathways, ya know? Not difficult to climb, or with jagged stones to catch her step… just a gentle path.

You’re thinking it’s metaphorically about some journey she’s been on, right?

It’s not. She’s just walking.

A little faster now.

Not metaphorical either… she’s just excited.

And then she calls… she calls out.

“Here I am. I’m coming.”

She hasn’t arrived yet… but, she’s coming.

Come calling.

You see, there’s a reason I am watching her walk this path.

My whole worldview on 2016 is wrapped in this theme… come calling.

But it is she, specifically because in many ways, and for many reasons, we know that my sweet grandmother is in the twilight of this life.

None of us are pretending it’s a secret, or it shouldn’t be talked about. We are expectant of her homecoming… because, that… is… what… it… is.

And you know what’s lovely?

I imagine, the Lord and Poppy leaning in the doorway, or at the gateways, maybe sitting on a porch- and with a smile the Lord just leans over and says:

“She came calling.”

Because, she knew that this whole time- they’ve been waiting for her homecoming.

They’ve just been waiting, expectantly.

Because that is what you do! That’s what you do when someone is in a place they are not made for! You wait for them to come home.

I think I’m thankful for this incredible imagery I’ve been gifted with of my grandmother walking this path, it’s a beautiful vision for the words the Lord has put before me for 2016. He’s been waiting expectantly for me for a long time, as I’ve navigated the battles of these last years… fought the same demons each day, just to be worn out by them.

He’s pressured my heart, and pressed in to tell me He’s been expectantly awaiting my return and has been holding the peace I’ve sought after the whole time.

The peace of rest, of knowing you can approach home again and that you can call out- because the light is on, and He’s leaning in the doorway watching you break the horizon.

And the joy…

The joy that begins to abound when He hears His own wander the path home…

But especially when they come calling.



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