A twenty-something ragamuffin, the constant victim of unadulterated grace, with a natural bent towards well-intentioned rebellion, my heart beats for the broken of the world. My conversation, perspectives, writing, and the career the Lord has placed me in demonstrate how I simply want to seek immersing myself in opportunities that attempt to restore the broken.

Currently residing in Llano Verde, Guatemala and volunteering at Hope of Life International, my primary goal is to provide lifesaving, future-bringing, restorative hope to desperate children around the world through writing and creative communication. In my spare time, I am an avid relationship builder, a dabbler in crafts, and a connoisseur of life on the go.

I find joy in sneaking through doors without touching them, finding alternate routes to the same place, and lying on my living room floor while listening to the record player.

Friend. Sister. Daughter. Confidant.

Tea-drinker. Coffee-drinker. Cook.

Thinker. Mentor. Guide.

Quiet. Loud. Giggler.

Eccentric. Eclectic.

Lover of all things adventure.

Seeking, always seeking.

Exploring, always exploring.


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